Something about us..

A brief survey of MacSim Ltd.

Board of Directors

MacSim Limited is an IT and Marketing Company formerly known in Italy with different brand names such as Prometheus Systems and Prometheus Group. In 2013 we started a new business in Ireland as MacSim Ltd. joining several experiences in IT, Marketing, Image processing.

Nowadays MacSim Ltd. can provide the following services & products:


  • IT solutions for the small & medium enterprises (SME)
  • e-Commerce solutions based on the popular PrestaShop platform
  • Web Design, using the best rated platforms such as WordPress, WebSite X5, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5 & CSS, Java & Javascript. All websites made for our customers are SEO compliant and fully responsive.
  • Web Mastering – content management, SEM.
  • Social media Marketing – we create your followers’ community to develop Social Marketing.
  • Graphic Design & Branding – to make your brand image unique.
  • Networking – we help you in realizing the best and reliable networking solution with a great attention to your security
  • Hardware & Software maintenance – we solve your system problems
  • Home Assistance – to private people who want to empower their home automation and pc health.
  • Digital Imaging – our staff has professional photographers & videomakers to produce the best results
  • Aerial Drones – for stunning aerial images, both photo and video in Full-HD resolution.


  • Personal Computing
  • Digital cameras & video gear
  • Networking
  • Home automation
  • Office Automation
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting

Pietro Malaguti (CEO)

Born in Bologna, Italy, Pietro Malaguti has become an IT in 1988. He started as a System Operator working for Hewlett-Packard. He then had a period as System Engineer at local Edilfornaciai (buildings) and later he was employed as Network Manager at Edilcoop (buildings) up to 1994. He later worked for Metco/Vedas Group as an IT System Integrator both on Windows and Apple Systems.

In 1997 he started his own Company (Prometheus) to provide body-rental and projects to medium/big companies and Banks such as Credito Romagnolo / Unicredit, Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna, and some IT companies such as IBM / CGI Consulting, Engineering, His company reached a full success and employed more than 25 people.

In 2013 he established MacSIm Ltd. in Donegal, Ireland and in 2017 he moved the company to Manorhamilton, Leitrim. Now his role as CEO is full-time effort to replicate the italian success in Ireland, thanks to the massive presence of big IT companies in this Country.

Simonetta Ecchia (Director)

Simonetta, born in Bologna (Italy) has been a financial advisor for more than 30 years working for Allianz Bank. Since 2006 she’ is a professional photographer and director of MacSim Ltd. Her role is to manage social media marketing, administration and customer relationship.