Our Services

Web & Internet Services

MacSim Ltd. is a fully qualified company to provide Web and Internet Services. We can provide from the smallest and simplest website to the complex Web application respecting the best SEO compliant rules and fully-responsive programming. We use the most popular platforms such as WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, Website X5 and pure HTML5, with CSS support, Ajax framework and database-driven management. We provide professional e-commerce solutions on the PrestaShop platform, from scratch to the fully functional e-shop, including B2B & B2C management and Marketing support. We also provide a specific Social Media support for your business.

Our skills are:

  • WordPress responsive dynamic Websites
  • Advanced dynamic websites using Website X5 environment
  • Advanced dynamic websites using Website MODX environment
  • Advanced database integration (PHP/ASP) with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server under Adobe Dreamweaver development environment
  • PrestaShop e-commerce solutions
  • WooCommerce/Wordpress small business fast solutions
  • Startup Websites
  • Tourism & Hotel dynamic websites with full booking integration
  • Your old website analysis and migration
  • Web Mastering
  • Marketing advisory



Why WordPress?

Nowadays WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for rapid development of a website design and very easy to maintain. Originally born as a Blog platform it has quickly become a wordwide standard used by a great number of developers and preferred by a wide number of customers who can easily access the Blog section without programmer’s actions. So we decided to use this innovative platform to achieve the best results in short times, lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your website. We provide a startup offer for everyone who want to test our quality and services. Our websites are always fully-responsive on PC,Tablet & Smarthpone. All our services are payed on a monthly basis to make the service affordable by any customer. Follow us to discover this offer:



To the make of a professional E-Commerce go a long time in operations aimed to prepare a fully-functional and smoothly working web store. It’s not a matter of minutes but it involves a long tiring work. Here just some of the main operations to establish a good E-Commerce website:

  • Creation of the environment on the server. The server must be equipped with the latest version of PHP/MySQL database for a strong platform to operate on
  • Choice of the right graphics, depending on the style our customer wants to show on his shop
  • Definition of either B2B or B2C (Business-toBusiness or Business-to-Consumer) structure
  • Definition of the shop roles: administrator, employees, supervisors, sales agents
  • Definition of methods of shipping and related costs
  • Multi-currency option with exchange rates
  • Choice of countries where shop is visible/not visible
  • Choice of shop’s languages (multi-language structure)
  • Choice of payment gateways (Bank payments, Credit Cards, PayPal etc.)
  • Definition of categories and prices
  • Definition of products and related images and full description
  • Definition of suppliers, manufacturers and carriers
  • Orders management and cash flow
  • Orders to suppliers
  • Stock and warehouse management
  • SEO

These are some of the activities related to an E-Commerce startup. After the startup the employees need to be trained and database well maintained by our organisation.

We choose PrestaShop™ platform being the most popular and reliable sofware around. Some of our shops are still runing with no problem since 2004. We provide the best service due to the great experience achieved in more than 13 years of success.


Web Mastering & Marketing Services

Our activity is not only related to technical skills and wed-design. We can provide a valid Marketing service. Marketing is the capacity to look deep inside the customer’s company and find together the best strategies to improve the business and wealth.

It’s a complex activity involving every aspect of the company, not only advertising. Marketing is the capacity to give the best advices to let the customer grow up.

For a complete guide on Marketing mean, follow this link.

Professional Photography & Video-Making

The best solution for a good sale, the best image you can give of your company is through.. the image!

An image worth thousands of word. A good video even more.

we design your business..